About Us

New To Boise, But Not New to the Industry

Although we are new to Boise, we’ve been cleaning and providing great customer service since 2010. We’d like to refer to ourselves, not as a new company, but as a company relocating from the Island of Oahu, Hawaii to Boise, Idaho. In Hawaii, we owned and operated a full-service home cleaning company specializing in military move-outs.

Why Leave Hawaii?

It’s simple! Although Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on earth, it is quite an expensive place to live. Even more expensive to operate a business. Ashley, born and raised on the Island, has always had the desire to experience four seasons.

Imagine going most your life and never witnessing winter! To most, it’s a welcome thought. To someone who has never experienced winter, the snow capped mountains and frosty vegetation can be as beautiful as the blue ocean and a palm tree in the sunsetting sand.

Owners of Honu Clean

Why Boise, Idaho?

Knowing we wanted to relocate to the mainland but not knowing where, we decided to take some time to drive through some of the states we were considering. Having a friend in Twin Falls and family in Bonners Ferry, we were able to drive up through the state of Idaho and see all the beauty Idaho has to offer. What really finalized our decision were the people of Idaho. It’s undeniable the residents in Idaho have a hospitable and outstanding friendliness that is unmatched anywhere else! Ashley and I instantly felt welcomed and it was clear, Idaho is where we wanted to be!